Aidan, 37

Aidan, who grew up with two teachers as parents and was taught to think critically, suddenly had a very spiritual moment that changed his life forever.

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The untold secret:

Aidan, a man who had always considered himself a rational and secular individual, found himself questioning everything he thought he knew about the world. One summer evening, as he lay in a dusty old barn, surrounded by the remnants of his renovations, he was overcome with a feeling of warmth and light that was so intense, it was as if the very walls of the barn had been lifted away, revealing the radiance of the setting sun. In that moment, he felt an overwhelming conviction that he had encountered the Greek sun god, Helios.

The experience was both exhilarating and terrifying for Aidan. He couldn't shake off the feeling that it was real and not just a hallucination. He struggled with how to make sense of it, and how to reconcile it with his previous understanding of the world. He was afraid to share this experience with anyone, lest they think him crazy or dismiss it as mere fancy. He felt like he had uncovered a hidden truth about the universe, but it was a truth that he didn't know how to accept or understand. This event had left him feeling changed forever, but he couldn't shake off the feeling of uncertainty and conflict, and so he keeps this secret to himself, even if he sometimes thought it would have been a great relief to talk about it to someone.

About Aidan:

Aidan was raised in a household where the boundaries of traditional norms and conventions were blurred. His parents, both teachers, instilled in him a love for learning and an open-mindedness towards new ideas and perspectives. His mother, a biology teacher, taught him about the intricacies of the human body, while his father, an art history teacher, exposed him to the world of art and the emotions it may evoke. Growing up, Aidan was encouraged to question everything and to form his own opinions and beliefs.

However, his intellectual upbringing also instilled in him a certain level of skepticism towards the unknown and the unexplainable. Religion, for example, was never a part of his life and he saw it as a relic of the past, a creation of man to make sense of their own existence. As he grew older, he considered himself an atheist, as the concept of a higher power held no relevance in his life.

But all of that changed that day when he was renovating an old wooden barn. As he lay on a pile of hay to take a break, the evening light began to shine through the cracks of the walls. The scene was breathtakingly picturesque, with the sun rays casting a magic glow over the particles of dust that hung suspended in the air like slow-falling snowflakes. As he lay there, taking in the serene beauty of his surroundings, Aidan felt an overwhelming urge to take a deep breath, as if he had been deprived of oxygen.

As he exhaled, the room seemed to suddenly expand and come alive. The walls of the barn seemed to disappear, and he felt as though he was bathed in a sensation of deep, true love. For a moment, he wasn't sure if he was dying or perhaps experiencing a neurological disorder in his brain. But then, without warning, he was standing before Helios who embraced and held him with all his powers.

From that day on, Aidan struggled to explain to himself or to others what had happened to him in that barn. He was a rational person and was aware that it could have been a hallucination, but it didn't feel like one. He knew that his friends and family most likely wouldn't understand and that his intellectual upbringing would not allow him to claim it to be true. At first he was afraid to be judged or to be thought of as crazy. He knew that he had discovered something new and profound, but his rational mind told him that it was impossible.

Today, Aidan has come to terms with his experience. He no longer questions the existence of Helios and has fully embraced the idea of this sentient being. However, he keeps this knowledge and experience to himself. He no longer feels the need to share it with others, not out of fear of being misunderstood, but because it has become a deeply personal encounter that he treasures. He has accepted it as a part of himself and doesn't want to dilute its significance by sharing it with others. In the end, Aidan understands that only by keeping this a secret can it also stay sacred.

Aidan, 37