Daniele, 28

Daniele's journey takes him from Milano to Palermo, where he forms a deep bond with Francesca, unaware that his life experiences will become the inspiration for another's tale.

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The untold secret:

Daniele's heart pounded as he stepped out into the bustling streets of Palermo. The morning sun warmed his face, and the scent of freshly brewed coffee from the nearby cafes filled the air. He clutched a stack of small, professional-looking cards in his hand, each bearing the simple title "Read Me." His eyes were set with determination, and his mind was ablaze with a single purpose.

For weeks, he had been haunted by a sense of betrayal. His once-close friend, Francesca, had callously used the most dramatic and defining moments of his life as the basis for her latest novel. She had been desperate for a gripping story that would revive her career after her previous book had flopped. The critics adored it, and Palermo was alive with praise for Francesca's literary comeback.

Daniele's jaw tightened as he recalled her deceitful assurances that the striking resemblance between the novel's protagonist and himself was merely coincidental. He knew the truth, and it stung. He couldn't help but wonder how many people would see through the thin veil of fiction and recognize the intimate details of his life laid bare for all to read.

In an act of quiet retribution, Daniele had crafted his plan. He would place the "Read Me" cards in each copy of Francesca's book, revealing the entire plot and the crucial twist at the end in just a few clear sentences. He hoped that anyone who picked up the novel and read the card would lose interest in purchasing the book, their curiosity sated by the revealed secrets.

As Daniele entered the first bookstore, the scent of ink and paper enveloped him. He felt a thrill of excitement mixed with fear as he approached the display of Francesca's novel. Heart racing, he carefully slid a card into each book, making sure it was the first thing a potential reader would see upon opening the cover. He repeated the process in every bookstore he visited, his resolve growing stronger with each completed task.

In his mind, he rehearsed the lie he would tell if Francesca were to discover his actions. He would feign ignorance, mimicking her own deceitful charade. It was the perfect way to balance the scales, a secret shared between them but never acknowledged. Daniele couldn't help but feel a twinge of satisfaction as he walked away from the last bookstore, his mission complete.

The untold secret now lay in the hands of the readers, poised to disrupt the praise and adoration Francesca so desperately sought. Daniele couldn't be sure of the outcome, but he knew that, at the very least, he had taken back some measure of control over his own story.

About Daniele:

Daniele walked the narrow streets of Palermo, his thoughts consumed by the life he had left behind in Milan. He had come here to escape his past and start anew, and for a time, he had found solace in the friendship of a young woman named Francesca. They had met in a small, sunlit café, where she would sit for hours, her nose buried in a book or scribbling fervently in her notebook. To Daniele, she was a captivating figure, a kindred spirit who seemed to hold an untold story within her.

Their friendship blossomed as they shared quiet moments together, both finding comfort in the other's presence. Francesca was a writer, an exceptional talent who had been encouraged by her teachers to pursue her passion. With each conversation, Daniele felt the weight of his secrets press upon him, urging him to share his story with someone who could understand the depths of his emotions. He believed that revealing his past to Francesca would create an unbreakable bond between them, one built on trust and vulnerability.

And so, the story that had driven him from Milan was shared in hushed whispers, as Francesca listened with rapt attention, her eyes filled with empathy. Their bond grew stronger, and they spent hours together, reading and discussing their thoughts on life, love, and the power of the written word. To Daniele, Francesca's voice was like a soothing balm, a salve that eased the ache of his past.

When Francesca shared her second novel with him, Daniele sensed that something was missing. The soul that had been so apparent in her first work seemed to have faded, replaced by a hollow echo. He remained silent, not wanting to hurt her feelings, but the critics were not so kind. They tore the book apart, leaving Francesca's confidence in tatters.

With the pressure of her publishing contract weighing heavily upon her, Francesca struggled to find a story that would secure her future as a writer. Then, in a moment of desperation, she turned to Daniele's story. She knew it was a risk, but the raw emotion and dramatic events of his past seemed like the perfect foundation for a novel that could capture the hearts of readers. And so, she wove the threads of Daniele's life into a tapestry of fiction, carefully changing names and details to protect his identity.

As the novel took shape, Francesca's conscience began to gnaw at her. She wanted to tell Daniele the truth, to ask for his permission and understanding, but the thought of losing her friend terrified her. In an effort to lessen her guilt, she tried to alter the story, to make it more her own creation and less a reflection of Daniele's life. However, every time she attempted to change the narrative, her publisher pushed back, demanding that she rewrite the sections that deviated from the raw, emotional core of her original protagonist.

It seemed that the more she infused the novel with the truth of Daniele's experiences, the more her publisher praised her work, calling it unique, heartfelt, and intensely dramatic. In this way, Francesca felt trapped, cornered into using Daniele's story almost verbatim. The publisher's enthusiasm for the authenticity of the tale left her little choice but to continue weaving the fabric of her friend's life into the pages of her book. And so, she said nothing, allowing the lie to grow between them like a festering wound.

When Daniele discovered the truth, he was devastated. His trust in Francesca had been shattered, and the pain of betrayal threatened to consume him. But rather than sever their bond completely, he devised a plan to punish her work, to wound her in the only way that seemed fitting.

He printed small cards that revealed the entire plot of Francesca's novel, including the climactic twist. He visited every bookstore in Palermo, placing the cards inside each copy of the book. He wanted to ensure that the first edition would never reach the hands of those who knew him back in Milan, protecting his secret at any cost.

In his heart, Daniele still cared deeply for Francesca. He hoped that, in time, they could rebuild their friendship on a foundation of honesty and understanding. And perhaps, he thought, this painful chapter in their lives could become the inspiration for a new story—one that they could write together, with injured hearts but mutual respect so that neither would have to spoil the ending before it had time to begin.

Daniele, 28