Kai, 33

Kai, a communication director, has a little secret he only share with his cat when he gets home. Where others take off their shoes, Kai takes off his clothes, all of them.

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The untold secret:

Kai cherishes a secret he fiercely guards, a passion for being liberated from clothing in the sanctity of his home. He revels in the freedom that comes with each garment he sheds, eagerly stripping down to his bare skin the moment he crosses the threshold of his abode. The routine of undressing symbolizes a release from the societal constraints and expectations that weigh upon him as he navigates his work as a police force communication manager.

Naked, Kai moves about his home, performing mundane tasks with a new sense of buoyancy. He finds joy in the simplicity of the sensation of bare skin, relishing in the feeling as he prepares meals in the kitchen, practices yoga, or carries out household chores. With each naked activity, he feels a deeper connection to himself, a reminder of his authentic self that he often feels is lost in the chaos of everyday life.

Despite his love for this way of living, Kai remains reticent to share his secret, wary of the reactions of those around him. He has hinted at it to a few friends, but the lack of understanding he encountered only solidified his resolve to keep this part of himself private. Kai dropped the topic amongst his friends the same way he drops his clothes when he returns home, letting the door fall into its lock behind him, sealing the naked and unencumbered life he leads within the walls of his home.

About Kai:

Kai had always felt an urge to truly get to know himself, both mentally and physically. It all started when he was just a young teenager, and he stumbled upon a peculiar looking book in his mother's bedside table. Thinking it was an erotic novel, he started reading the poems by Pablo Neruda. He was particularly intrigued by "The Nakedness of Men" and, even though he was too young to fully understand the poem, he understood the words. In his mind, wearing clothes was a way to hide the truth about oneself, and all he really wanted was to get to know himself, without hiding any part of it. He didn't want to have secrets about himself from himself.

Kai felt like the poem was telling him to be honest and to free himself from anything that could be a disguise. Equipped with this thought, he started going to bed with less and less clothes until one day, he started sleeping naked. Feeling his bedsheets against his skin made him feel free, warm, and cozy. It was an incredibly beautiful feeling. He felt like it was just him and his skin, as bare as it could be.

Once Kai grew older and moved out from home at the age of 19, he found a lovely apartment on the top floor of a building with lots of light. He still remembers the first day he got fully undressed in his new home. It must have been no later than a week after he had moved in, boxes still standing around, but he decided to unpack everything while being in this pure state. It was then when he felt that he needed to keep doing that. He felt liberated, not only from the world around him, but also from the clothes he wasn't even sure he liked or that he simply got because they were in fashion.

Kai decided that his home would be his kingdom of nakedness. Where others would take off their shoes when they came home, he would take off his clothes, all of it, down to the socks. The only drawback he felt this had was that he was afraid of entering a serious relationship because he was scared that he would have to give up this important freedom. Because he felt that his friends didn't really try to understand, he found solace in a feline companion he adopted from a local shelter. Kai knew he could trust that cat with his secret and was sure the cat didn't mind seeing him naked all day and night.

The words of Pablo Neruda's poem "The Nakedness of Men" ignited a flame in Kai, driving him to pursue self-discovery and a newfound honesty with himself. He found solace in the idea of stripping away the layers of clothing and societal expectations to reveal his truest self to himself. But as much as he yearned for this newfound sense of self-discovery, he couldn't escape the reality that revealing his desire to the world would make himself feel misunderstood or alienated. Thus, in a strange twist of irony, the very pursuit of self-honesty and truth-seeking led Kai to keep his nakedness hidden from his surrounding. He learned that, to truly embrace the nakedness of men as Neruda envisioned it, he had to keep his own liberating nudity a secret.

Kai, 33