Laura, 35

Laura has always been deeply, passionately in love with a fairy from her own rich and intricate fantasy world that she has created in her mind.

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The untold secret:

Laura, an introverted and reserved woman with slightly curled hair and big, expressive eyes, confides a secret that she has been keeping to herself for years. She revealed that she has always been deeply, passionately in love with a fairy from her own rich and intricate fantasy world that she has created in her mind. Her relationship with the fairy is not just a fleeting fancy or a childhood fantasy but an intense and deep emotional bond. This world and her fairy partner, have become a source of solace and escape for Laura, a place where she can express her deepest feelings and desires. She has spent countless hours imagining, developing, and perfecting this world and her relationship with the fairy. The idea of being in a relationship with anyone else is unfathomable for her, as the fairy holds a special significance in her heart, and she has formed an unbreakable emotional bond.

About Laura:

Laura grew up in a small town with her father who was a key maker. Her childhood was not an easy one, as her father was strict and had high expectations for her. He was the only one who could care and provide for her, so he wanted to make sure she had a good future. However, despite his strictness, her father was also very loving towards her, but he didn't know how to express it in a way that Laura could understand. He would often leave little notes for her, expressing his love and care in words.

Those notes became a source of comfort for Laura, but they also made her imagine a fantasy world where she and her father could talk freely and understand each other better. In her mind, she created a world where her father would be proud of her, where he would express his love and affection in a way that she could understand. But she never dared to tell her father or anyone else that such a place existed in her mind.

Laura's love for fantasy and mythology is a way to cope with the difficulties of her childhood and the lack of emotional connection with her father. Her imagination and creativity were her sanctuary, a place where she can be who she wants to be and live the life she desires, even if it's just in her mind. She used her fantasy world as an escape and a place where she could feel understood, loved and accepted.

Today, Laura works as a copywriter for a greeting card company, where she uses her love for fantasy and mythology to craft heartfelt messages for customers. She started working at the company shortly after her father passed away, as a way to keep communicating with him.

Laura keeps a special box where she locks away some of the greeting cards she likes. The box is locked with a key that her father had made for her when she was a child. But like the greeting cards, the relationship to her fairy will stay locked away from her late father too, out of fear that he might judge her even from his afterlife.

Laura, 35