Malik, 34

Malik, blind to his own surrounding, ended up secretly sending flowers to his neighbour to keep her romantic memories of her past alive.

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The untold secret:

Malik had a secret that he kept hidden from everyone. It all started when his neighbor, Margaret, received a bouquet of flowers on her doorstep, believing that they were from her old soulmate, Rafael. Seeing Margaret beaming with joy, Malik decided to help the two find each other, but his research soon revealed that Rafael had actually passed away years ago.

Malik knew how much those flowers meant to Margaret. They brought her so much happiness, especially after her husband's passing, and he couldn't bear the thought of taking that away from her. So he made the decision to send her flowers every week, pretending that they were from Rafael.

Week after week, Malik carefully selected the flowers that he thought Rafael would have chosen for Margaret. Each time, he wrote a note that made Margaret's heart flutter, hoping to make her believe that Rafael was still thinking of her. As time passed, Malik began to question his own behavior. Was it really fair to keep lying to Margaret, even if it made her happy? But he couldn't bear to tell her the truth, not when the flowers meant so much to her.

So Malik kept his secret, sending flowers to Margaret every week and pretending that they were from her beloved Rafael. He knew that the truth might eventually come out, but for now, he was content with the happiness that the flowers and his notes brought to Margaret's life.

About Malik:

Malik was a talented furniture designer who worked in a small studio in a quiet town. He lived in a cozy apartment building on the fifth floor and enjoyed his quiet, private life. He seldom talked to his neighbors and preferred to spend his time either in his workshop or in his peaceful home. One day, Malik noticed that his neighbor, Margaret, seemed more distant than usual. He often saw her around the building, but she had become increasingly introverted since her husband had passed away a few years ago.

One evening, when Malik was coming home from work, he ran into Margaret in the stairway. She was holding a bouquet of flowers and was unlocking her door. Malik, curious about the occasion, asked her if it was her birthday. Margaret smiled and replied that it wasn't, but that someone had left the flowers on her doorstep. Malik playfully suggested that it might have been a secret admirer, and to his surprise, Margaret beamed with joy. She told him about her true love, Rafael, whom she had met in high school. They had been soulmates, but life had pulled them apart. She had always wondered what had happened to him, but now she had a glimmer of hope.

Malik, feeling a twinge of empathy for Margaret, did some research to find out more about Rafael. He discovered that Rafael had passed away three years ago, and the flowers that Margaret had received could not have been from him. Malik was torn. He knew he had to tell Margaret the truth, but he didn't want to take away the hope that the flowers had given her. So he decided to keep sending flowers to Margaret every week, pretending they were from Rafael, but he never signed his name.

As the weeks went by, Malik noticed a change in Margaret. She seemed happier and more outgoing, and she often talked to him when they met in the building's common areas. Malik felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing that he had brought joy to someone's life, even if it was through a small deception. He kept sending the flowers, but he was also haunted by the lie he had created. He assumed that he had to tell Margaret the truth, but he didn't want to break her heart.

One day, Malik stopped by the local florist to order a bouquet for Margaret. As he was leaving, the florist made a comment that caught Malik off guard. "I hope you enjoyed the flowers you received a few months back," the florist said, smiling. Malik was confused, as he hadn't received any flowers. The florist then explained that a man had come into the store and requested that flowers be delivered to Malik, along with a note that read, "You make my heart blossom." Malik was stunned, suddenly understanding that the anonymous flowers that Margaret had received were actually meant for him. He had never suspected a thing.

Malik realized that he had been so focused on keeping Margaret happy that he had missed the signs of someone who cared for him. He began to look at his surroundings in a different way, wondering who the anonymous sender could be. He started paying more attention to the people he met in his daily life, wondering if they could be the one. He never found out who it was, but he felt a sense of gratitude for the mystery person who had made him feel special.

Years went by, and Margaret eventually passed away. Malik attended her funeral, feeling a sense of loss and sadness. As he was leaving, he noticed a familiar face in the crowd. It was the florist who had made the comment about the flowers. Malik approached him, curious about the anonymous sender. The florist smiled and told him that the man had been a regular customer at the cafe next door, someone who came in every morning for coffee and croissants. He had seen Malik there, and he had developed a crush on him from afar. He had requested the flowers to be delivered to Malik, hoping to make him happy. But he never had the courage to reveal himself to Malik, and he never found out that the flowers had been accidentally delivered to Margaret setting off events that had a far greater impact than he would have ever imagined.

Malik, 34