Marie-Claire, 26

Marie-Claire, who originally grew up in the mountains, ended up saving lobsters from being eaten at a fancy coastal seafood restaurant.

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The untold secret:

Marie-Claire, a gentle and compassionate waitress, embarked on a secret and noble mission. As she toiled away at a seafood restaurant nestled along the picturesque coast of France during the sultry summer months, her heart began to ache for the lobsters imprisoned in the grand fish tanks on display. Guests were welcome to pluck their own fresh lobster from the tanks before it was sent off to the kitchen for preparation. Though Marie-Claire was not a vegetarian and savored the taste of seafood, the thought of these defenceless creatures being plucked from their aquatic homes and thrust into a cauldron of boiling water filled her with a sense of unease.

Thus, every day as she began her shift, Marie-Claire would select one of the new lobsters added to the tank overnight and ensure that no guest would claim it for their meal. Should someone make a selection, she would discreetly swap it with another. As her shift drew to a close, she would carefully wrap the chosen lobster in seaweed and newspaper and store it in the refrigerator for easy transport. Once her duties were fulfilled, she would take the lobster with her and drive to a secluded beach, far from the prying eyes of tourists. There, she would release the lobster back into the open sea with a sense of joy and fulfillment, watching as it disappeared into the vast and mysterious ocean.

Even if it was for a good cause, Marie-Claire keeps her little secret to herself, not wanting to risk her job or to be judged by her friends for feeling sympathy for seafood.

About Marie-Claire:

Marie-Claire was raised among the rugged peaks of the mountains, where her parents crafted delectable varieties of sheep milk cheese to be sold to restaurants across the country. As she came of age, she offered her services to her parents, taking their cheeses to new regions, and seeking out new restaurants to expand their business.

It was on one of these journeys that she discovered a place of breathtaking beauty along the coast. The vast expanse of the sea, the salty air, the warm breeze, and the friendly people all captivated her. Though she cherished her childhood among the mountains, there were moments when she felt stifled, as if the peaks were closing in around her. The people of the mountains were different too, not as open or talkative as those she met by the sea.

One summer, while delivering her cheeses to a large and elegant seafood restaurant overlooking a picturesque beach, Marie-Claire overheard the owner discussing a need for a waitress. The idea of working in such a place, surrounded by the beauty of the sea and the open air, away from the mountains during the quiet summer months, was too tempting to resist. She approached the owner and was soon hired for the season.

However, as she worked in the restaurant, she began to struggle with the thought of guests picking lobsters from a tank to be sent to the kitchen. Her empathy for the creatures grew until she felt compelled to take action. Each day, she would choose one lobster to save and release into the sea. She found a secluded spot along the rocky coast, some 20 miles away, where she would release them into the water, undisturbed. This became her sanctuary, a place of peace and quiet where she would often sit and ponder the lives of the lobsters she had saved.

Marie-Claire still eats fish, but lobster is no longer an option for her, just as she could never bring herself to eat lamb after growing up surrounded by sheep. In some strange way, her childhood among the mountains had led her to save lobsters by the sea, and none of them knew the other existed.

Marie-Claire, 26